All In Boxing and Fitness is all about unique and different classes so your body doesn’t get used to the same workout.  Taking advantage of all the different types of classes, you will challenge your mind and body and see changes take place in your physique!

Boxing Boot Camp

Boxing Boot camp is a high-energy explosive class for all levels.  This overall body conditioning class comes with plenty of boxing drills (hitting both focus mitts and heavy bags) and other body weight conditioning exercises (running, burpees, push-ups and abdominal work) that keep beginning and experienced boxers in great shape. You can expect to burn from 800 to 1,000 calories per class. Have fun and release some stress all at once! Boxing bags don’t hit back!!

Boxing Skills

Interested in learning about the “The Sweet Science”? Then this is the class for you. You will learn proper footwork, hip/shoulder rotation, head movement and offensive/defensive techniques you can use in the ring.

  • We also have an amateur boxing team if you are interested in competing.
  • Supervised optional sparring is done with other boxers in this class. This is a workout like no other!

Come expand your boundaries with All In Boxing & Fitness!


If you are looking for a butt-kicking workout, kickboxing is for you! In a 45-minute class, you will sizzle your arms, bootie, legs and thighs through kicking, punches, toning exercises and abs in a fun, total body workout.

Bad Ass Baby Boomers

Age is not an excuse! Too much sitting around after the age of 60 increases the risk of heart failure, earlier death and Type 2 diabetes by 50 percent. If you don’t use your muscle mass you will lose it.. This class is designed to build strength and LEAN muscle mass with exercises that don’t challenge your joints  and therefore help prevent injury. Retaining your lean muscle mass as you get older keeps you young and active. Different parts of the body are focused on and every class contains cardio elements. In addition to traditional method, we use the following tools: battle ropes, free weights, chains, tires, sledgehammers, prowler, pull-up bars, bodyweight exercises, plyometrics and more!

** Semi-Private Group Setting – Additional Cost/Inquire Within**

ALL IN Ultimate Conditioning

This 90-minute class is the ultimate workout! It combines primal and functional training boot-camp style mixed with boxing & kickboxing by using tools such as tires, battle ropes, chains, sledgehammers, kettle bells, Bosu balls, slam balls, sleds, and weights. Sprints and longer runs crank up the cardio. All just darn good, sweaty fitness fun!

Hybrid Boxing/Abs/Strength

This class combines our longstanding (15 years) boxing boot camp classes taught by none other than the JD Durso with two other factors.  Approximately 50 minutes of boxing is followed by 10 minutes of Abs. Then Kelsey Belliston takes over and teaches 30 minutes of strength training. This heart pumper of a class is a perfect mix of anaerobic, aerobic and strength conditioning.